Health Policy

Coordinator: Claudio Jommi


The area develops comparative analysis of health care system and investigates health policies to assess their impact on to the system performance.

The present research themes of the Health Policy area are:

  • Comparative analysis of healthcare systems
  • Comparative analysis of health care technologies market regulation
  • Policy impact evaluation
  • Health and social policy as drivers of organization behaviour


Ongoing projects (examples)

  • Pharmaceutical Observatory
    • Policy impact analysis applied to pharmaceuticals
    • Comparative analysis of pharmaceutical market regulation
  • Observatory on OTC Drugs
    • Impact of self-medication on health care systems
    • Analysis of cross-regional variation in OTC drugs expenditure
  • Policy on supplemental nutrition
    • Market trends for supplemental nutrition
    • Cross-regional variations in supplemental nutrition and its impact on public coverage
  • R&D on medicines and its impact on the health care systems
    • Comparative analysis of health care systems attractiveness on clinical trials’ location
    • Economic impact of trials on health care systems and organisations


Progetto di ricerca Valutazione di impatto organizzativo e di costo della gestione del percorso del paziente CAR T: i risultati dello studio Cergas Bocconi

- Report finale gennaio 2023

- Presentazione evento del 30 gennaio 2023