Articles 2015

MC Cavallo, A Gugiatti, G Fattore, S Gerzeli, D Barbieri, R Zanini and on behalf of the Neonatal Adequate Care for Quality of Life (NEO-ACQUA) Study Group
Cost of care and social consequences of very low birth weight infants without premature- related morbidities in Italy
Italian Journal of Pediatrics , 41:59 (download pdf)

O Ciani, M Buyse, R Garside, J Peters, ED Saad, K Stein, R Taylor
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Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 68(7): 833-842

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Health Technology Assessment of Medical Devices: A Survey of Non-European Union Agencies. 
Int J Technol Assess Health Care. 31(3):154-65

C De Pietro, L Crivelli
Swiss popular initiative for a single health insurer... once again!
Health Policy, 119(7): 851-855

C Sorenson, M Drummond, A Torbica, G Callea, C Mateus
The role of hospital payments in the adoption of new medical technologies: an international survey of current practice
Health economics, policy and law; 10(2): 133-159

FM Gonzalez, AP Finch, P Armeni, PR Boscolo, R Tarricone
Comparative effectiveness of Mitraclip plus medical therapy versus medical therapy alone in high-risk surgical patients: a comprehensive review
Expert Review on Medical Devices, 12(4): 471-485

F Lega, M Sartirana 
An international perspective on medical leadership
Future Hospital Journal; 2:218-220

M Meregaglia, J Cairns
Economic evaluations of follow-up strategies for cancer survivors: a systematic review and quality appraisal of the literature
Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res. 2015 Dec;15(6):913-29

M Tirani, M Meregaglia, A Melegaro
Health and Economic Outcomes of Introducing the New MenB Vaccine (Bexsero) into the Italian Routine Infant Immunisation Programme
Plos One, 10(4): e0123383

M Meregaglia, H Banks, G Fattore
Hospital burden and gastrointestinal surgery in Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients in Italy: a retrospective observational study.
Journal of Chron's and Colitis, 9(10): 853-862 (link)

E Missoni
Degrowth and health: local action should be linked to global policies and governance for health
Sustainability Science, 10 (3): 439-450 (free online)

S Rubrichi, C Rognoni, L Sacchi, E Parimbelli, C Napolitano, A Mazzanti, S Quaglini
Graphical Representation of Life Paths to Better Convey Results of Decision Models to Patients
Medical decision making
; 35(3): 398-402

Generali, D., Venturini, S., Rognoni, C., Ciani, O., Pusztai, L., Loi, S., Jerusalem, G., Bottini, A., Tarricone, R. A Network Meta-Analysis of Everolimus Plus Exemestane Versus Chemotherapy in the First- and Second-Line Treatment of Estrogen Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer, 
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 152(1) 95-117

M Sartirana  
Opportunity does matter: supporting doctors-in-management in hospitals
in Pedersen, A., Waldorff, S., Ferlie, E., Fitzgerald, L. (Eds.) Managing change: from health policy to practice, London: Palgrave.

A Beresniak, A Medina-Lara, JP Auray, A De Wever, JC Praet, R Tarricone, A Torbica, D Dupont, M Lamure, G Duru
Validation of the underlying assumptions of the quality-adjusted life-years outcome: results from the ECHOUTCOME European project.
Pharmacoeconomics; 33(1):61-9.

A Torbica, S Calciolari, G Fattore 
Does informal care impact utilization of healthcare services? Evidence from a longitudinal study of stroke patients
Social Science & Medicine,  124: 29-38

A Torbica, AP Maggioni, S Ghislandi
The Economic Crisis and Acute Myocardial Infarction: New Evidence Using Hospital-Level Data
Plos One 2015, doi:  open access

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