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Francesca Lecci

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Francesca Lecci is SDA Professor of Public Management and Policy at SDA Bocconi School of Management and the is the Coordinator of the research area on Healthcare Management at CERGAS -  SDA Bocconi. She is the Director of the Executive Master in Management of Healthcare and Social Organizations (EMMAS) at SDA Bocconi She holds a Degree in Management of Public Administrations at Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in Management of Public Administrations from University of Parma.

Her research interests focuses on management accounting, performance management and corporate finance in healthcare and public sector. Her current research addresses three main questions. The first is the impact of the use of performance measurement systems on the effectiveness of regional strategy execution in healthcare sector. The second relates to the role of management control systems in the change process in hospitals and organizations affected by the spending review. The third focuses on managing capacity costs as an efficiency driver.

She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. Her works have been published in International Journal of Public Administration, Journal Of Management Control, Health Services Management Research, Mecosan and Economia & Management, among others. She is the Secretary General of AIES, the Italian Academic Association on Healthcare Management and Economics.