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Claudio Jommi

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Claudio Jommi is Professor of Practice at SDA Bocconi School of Management (Government, Health and Not for Profit Division). He is also Member of the Executive Committee, Director of the Health Policy Area and Scientific Coordinator of the Pharmaceutical Observatory at Cergas (Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management), SDA Bocconi. He is Director of the Master in International Health Management Economics and Policy (Mihmep), 2019-2020 Edition at SDA Bocconi.  He has been a visiting professor at Essec Business School, Cergy (Paris), at the Herivan K. Haub School of Business, St Joseph University, Philadelphia (US), at the Andrija School of Public Health, Zagreb and the University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (European Market Access University Diploma) (Paris). He provided advice to Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency), to reshape the Price and Reimbursement Negotiation process. He has also coordinated, together with Giovanni Tafuri (now in EUnetHTA), a research group in Aifa aimed at investigating the impact of negotiation on prices of medicines in Italy.

His research activity is focused on Market Access for Medicines and other Medical Technologies, Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy and Management, Health Technology Assessment and Decision Making in Health Care. He has had his work published in many international and national journals.