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Fabio Amatucci

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Fabio Amatucci is Affiliate Professor of the Government, Health and Not for Profit (GHNP) Division at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Associate Professor at the Department of Law, Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM), University of Sannio.

At CeRGAS he is member of the Observatory on Management of Public Procurement and Contracts in Health Care (MASAN).

His research interests revolve around public and health care management, with a special focus on business-government relations, policy coordination and corporate governance of public institutions; project management and process reengineering; public-private partnerships (outsourcing services, foundations, project finance, leasing, contract availability, etc..); Financing strategies of local authorities and health agencies and major instruments; government procurement processes, models of centralization.

He is an active trainer for public and health care top managers and strategic advisor for many public institutions both at central and local level.

Fabio is member of the professional association of certified public accountants, auditors and advisors (ODCEC).