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Marianna Cavazza

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Marianna Cavazza is contracted researcher fellow at the Centre for Research for Health and Social Care Management at Bocconi University where she is also member of the Observatory on Private Consumption in Healthcare Sector (Osservatorio sui Consumi Privati in Sanità - OCPS). She holds the MSc in Economics from University of York and PhD in Economics from Catholic University of Milan. She has been for several years contracted professor of health economics at the Medical School of Milano-Bicocca University and now she is contracted professor of health policies at the Political and Social Science School of the Catholic University of Milan. Her research interests are around health policies analysis in a national and comparative perspective and private consumption in healthcare with a particular emphasis on voluntary healthcare insurance. She has also experience on costs survey using microcosting approaches. Last, she is the coordinator of the firms’ network associated to Cergas providing strategic and knowledge support services. Before working at Cergas, she had previous experience in private and public research centres.