European Health Policy Group Meeting hosted by CERGAS

Living with crisis: How healthcare systems deal with tumbling crises in and outside healthcare

Healthcare systems are in a state of permanent crisis, as they are challenged not only by shocks, like pandemics, but also by structural problems, like escalating healthcare costs, shortages of healthcare professionals, and the coverage of an alarmingly older population. Consequently, countries must not only prepare for health emergencies like pandemics, climate-related crises and conflicts, but also strengthen current health systems and essential services to address a variety of other challenges. The “permacrisis” seems to be the new normal.

The upcoming EHPG meeting calls for research on topics related to how European healthcare systems deal with these challenges, in and outside healthcare. Yet, following the EHPG tradition, also other papers are welcome.

We welcome researchers from a variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to Economics, Health Services Research, Sociology, Political and Policy Sciences, and Psychology. We encourage submissions from early career researchers as well as country-comparisons.

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Registration to the EHPG Meeting is now open. Check the program of the event by clicking on "Program". You can register to the event following this link:

Deadline for registration in June 2nd, 2023.

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