CERGAS Webinar "Measuring and managing the performance of chronic population using real world data"

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High quality chronic disease management requires coordinated care across different healthcare settings, involving multidisciplinary teams of professionals, and performance evaluation systems able to measure this care. Inter-organizational performance should be measured considering the professional relationships between general practitioners and specialists, who are usually linked through informal referral networks. These networks– which are not geographically based – vary in the intensity of relationships and quality of care and may represent a new accountability level for chronic disease management, since they encompass the multiple care settings experienced by patients. Overall, an integrated approach to evaluation and performance management that considers the naturally occurring links between professionals working in different settings may enable more efficient and integrated care.

This seminar is an opportunity to introduce the work on the identification of different populations of chronic patients and multispecialty physician networks based on existing relationships between patients and professionals for selected chronic populations. Moreover, preliminary results on multi-dimensional performance measurement system at network level will be displayed using heart failure and diabetic population as an example. Moreover, a cost analysis about type 2 diabetic population will be displayed to appreciate the estimation of global health costs related to diabetic-foot diseases.

Evidence is based on administrative health data and included population-based methods to identify chronic patient population and their resource use, and to determine multispecialty physician networks. Real-world data are also used for the measurement and benchmarking of the performance of the identified networks in terms of process and outcome indicators.

Speaker: Francesca Ferrè, assistant professor in Economics and Business Management at the Institute of Management, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa. Member of the Management and Health Laboratory, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Webinar linkhttps://unibocconi-it.zoom.us/j/93282502094

Please note that participation to the webinar will be in online mode only.