CERGAS Seminar "An iterative approach to decision making in health and medicine: evidence and uncertainty considerations"

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Dr. Natalia Kunst will present an iterative decision-making framework in health and medicine. The framework combines existing recommendations to formalize the key steps involved in undertaking a model-based decision analysis, and it emphasizes the overarching iterative process of medical decision making. In her seminar, Natalia will briefly present some of her research projects that are related to specific parts of the framework and will focus more on her projects related to the whole framework. More specifically, she will present her work on the CHEERS Value of Information (CHEERS-VOI) statement recommendations and checklist, and on assessing the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of population-wide newborn screening for Li-Fraumeni syndrome and the value of further research, which represents an example of the framework application.


Dr. Natalia Kunst is a decision sciences and health economics researcher with interests in uncertainty and evidence in decision-analytic modelling and health economic evaluations, value of information analysis, policy-making and health disparities. Dr. Kunst is currently a Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor) at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York, and serves as a NICE Technology Appraisal Committee member. She is also a Research Affiliate at the Yale University School of Public Health and an Affiliated Member at the Center for Healthcare Research in Pediatrics (CHeRP), Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. Dr. Kunst was previously engaged in health policy-making and research in Norway and the USA, and co-founded and has co-led the Collaborative Network for Value of Information (ConVOI), which is an international group of over 20 researchers with interests in the application and development of methods for value of information calculation.

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