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CERGAS was founded in 1978 to promote scientific research on healthcare management at national and international level.

Over the last 40 years CERGAS has been one of the leading influences on Italian National Health System helping shape the way society thinks about health and health care.  CERGAS contributes to relevant and timely research within the healthcare sector, while simultaneously bringing new and advanced levels of empirical and analytical knowledge to the field.  Nowadays, while keeping its focus on management of healthcare organizations, it is a multidisciplinary research centre that investigates a vast array of issues and topics concerning healthcare management, health policy, health economics, social and not-for-profit organizations.

CERGAS research fellows use the modern tools of management, economics, accounting, organizational research and policy analysis to better understand how welfare systems work at the micro and macro levels, and how to improve them through innovative and evidence-based solutions. International and domestic comparative research is one of its major area of interests, as well as focus on an integrated system of thematic observatories on NHS organizations, pharmaceutical policy and management.

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