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Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care

The Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care (OCCP) of CERGAS-SDA Bocconi is promoted in institutional partnership with FIASO and launched its research activity in 2015 with a prominent focus on evolutionary trends of chronic disease management models and on the major challenges and issues that are closely interrelated with primary care.


Aim & Scope

The primary objective of OCCP is to analyse and depict the current situation of primary care in the Italian local health authorities, with specific interest on the impact that epidemiological dynamics and the reorganization of institutional arrangements and territorial services entail on disease management trends and on the need for integration among different settings and levels of assistance. OCCP thus qualifies as an opportunity for a selected sample of local authorities of the Italian NHS to: discuss state-of-the-art policies and issues; be part of a comparison process with a benchmarking aim; socialize the most innovative and successful experiences implemented by the authorities; trigger mechanisms of replication and diffusion of the identified best practises in disease management solutions adopted in both primary care and outpatient services.

The main topics on which the research activity develops are selected with a view to reflecting the most crucial matters and challenges in chronic disease management and of the related evolution of organizational arrangements in outpatient settings. To mention some of the most relevant among them:

  • Service management models implemented by LHAs with a focus on patient journey;
  • Disease management planning: use of administrative databases and other available tools;
  • Interprofessional networks: integration and interface means;
  • ICT and Primary care.  



OCCP is organized in multi-annual cycles and adopts the Laboratory research-format, with the simultaneous combination of training modules, debate and discussion forums, research activity and related dissemination. A panel of selected local health authorities takes part to each of these multi-annual cycles and all of them are represented by a working group with the participation of both techno-structure and support staff representatives.



After each multi-annual cycle is completed, the research outputs of the Observatory are published in the form of reports, which collect the evidence produced and enrich them with interpretative frameworks that make their utilization more immediate and complete.

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